Open In Webmail


Open In Webmail

Configure your Mac to open email (mailto:) links in your web mail service of choice — works with Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook / Hotmail, Fastmail, Zoho, and AOL.

If you’re annoyed that Apple Mail opens every time you click an email address in your web browser, this is the solution.

Download on the Mac App Store

How to use

  1. Download Open In Webmail from the Mac App Store.

  2. Make Open In Webmail the default email app for your Mac — this way it will can handle all email link clicks. See instructions in the app.

    If you get stuck on Apple Mail asking you to sign-in to an account, see Changing the default email app on macOS.

  3. From the app, select which webmail service you use. Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook, Fastmail, Zoho and AOL are all supported.

  4. Done. See the Testing section if you want to test it out.

Changing the default email app on macOS

Did you open Mail and see this?




The following mailto: links may be handy if you’re testing Open In Webmail.

Using a Custom URL

If your email service isn’t already supported by Open In Webmail, email and I’ll try to add it. In the meantime, you can provide your own custom URL template that Open In Webmail will use.

For most services, the custom URL looks something like the following where each piece of data is provided in its own field —{to}&cc={cc}&bcc={bcc}&subject={subject}&body={body}

Some services have begun accepting the entire mailto: URL and doing all the parsing on their side. In that case, the URL will look like —{mailto}
Variable Notes
to Comma-separated list of to: addresses
cc Comma-separated list of cc: addresses, if any
bcc Comma-separated list of bcc: addresses, if any
subject Pre-filled subject, if any
body Pre-filled body, if any
mailto Entire mailto: URL, URL-encoded