I’m Fred Potter and I’m a programmer living in Seattle. I’m currently working on a Mac app in the personal finance space — more on that later.


RealArtists, late co-founder — I joined friends James and Nick to work on a product called Ship, a native Mac interface to GitHub Issues. (Not available any longer)

Facebook: Lots of work on developer tooling for iOS; some work on ads.

Pieceable Viewer (Run Apps In Your Browser), co-founder — Demo VideoPieceable Viewer was a SaaS product I built that let you run iOS apps in a web browser. Through a bunch of reverse engineering and magic, we made it appear as if you were using an iOS app in your web browser while it was really running on a far away Mac Mini. Became a useful tool for testing, sales, and customer support teams. Team was acqui-hired by Facebook.

Pieceable (App Builder), co-founder — Demo Video — In the first iteration of this company, I spent a year building an app creation service for non-technical folks. The really cool bit was that you could run a preview app on your phone, make changes in the web editor, and watch the phone update in real-time. Never shipped as Apple kept rejecting the iOS preview tool which was key to it all. This led to Pieceable Viewer, a way to run iOS apps in your web browser, thus bypassing App Store review.

BerryStore, founder — BerryStore was an App Store for BlackBerry devices I made after being frustrated that my other BlackBerry app saw little adoption. Product was acquired / handed-off, but didn’t live for long as BlackBerry released their own app store.

Loopt, employee — I wrote the iOS side of Loopt Mix (a social / dating app) and helped with other native apps for our friend finder service on Android, BlackBerry, and J2ME phones.

Microsoft, intern — Worked in Windows Mobile on the Contacts app.

Intel Research, intern — Worked on a couple software platforms for localization on laptops and phones using only WiFi + GSM signals. Brand new at the time; predating iPhone and WiFi localization in Google Maps. Research done using the software was published in several journal papers.